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Alpha & Omega Missions Bible Church Spiritual Focus Group

Typically a Focus Group or Roundtable Meeting is used by organizations as a way to evaluate a current service that is being provided or to test out a new idea. In most cases, the organization will bring in people not involved with the company or potential consumers to gain an outside opinion that will help make their product better.

In our case, WE are the product!

In the Spiritual Focus Group Meeting, we will meet and review the scripture provided by the facilitator with the goal in mind to walk away with a new understanding of the scripture provided and have something new to incorporate into our everyday life.

This will be accomplished by group participation. The more the group participates the more each person will be able to take away.

In this meeting the only bad question or idea is the one not shared.
So let’s not be shy! Let’s use this forum to practice becoming bold Christians while placing the Word into our hearts and learning how to display what is in our hearts….to ALL (including enemies) that we encounter.

Hopefully by doing this we will be able to see a change in our everyday walk as we become more committed as opposed to just being involved.

What’s the difference between the two you ask? Another good question, let’s look at it this way:
In serving steak and eggs for breakfast, the chicken was involved but the cow was committed.

Okay, so below are a few ground rules to ensure that we don’t get out of hand. You all know what it’s like when the Spirit gets stirred up.

Ground Rules:
– Maintain confidentiality
– Participate as much as possible
– Ask questions as they come up
– Respect other opinions
– Don’t interrupt; let others finish speaking before you begin
– Have fun!!

Here is the basic structure of each meeting but we will move as the Spirit moves us.

Opening with scripture reading & prayer
Welcome – to include:
– Introduction
– Purpose and vision of the meeting
– Review of the Ground Rules
Setting of a place in time/background of when scripture was written
Unveiling of the scripture (various versions)
Group Discussion – To include not limited to:
– Break down and analysis of the scripture (line by line or verse by verse when applicable)
– Application of the Scripture to everyday life
Summary of the meeting
Closing Prayer