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About The Alpha and Omega Bible Church

The Alpha and Omega Bible Church was organized in June 2009 under the auspice of The Alpha and
Omega Bible Study Institute located at 3122 West Marshall Street. In November 2009, under God’s
direction, the church was relocated to its present location – 2944 West Marshall Street. In the new
location the church has grown from 9 people to over 100 people per week. Currently, there are two
services – Sunday Worship Service and Tuesday night Bible Study. On the fourth Friday of each month, the movie ministry presents a “Friday Movie Night.”

The Alpha and Omega Bible Church has many ministries operating from within the church for the
community and those that come from outside the community:

Street Evangelism Ministry
Clothes Ministry
Food Ministry – Monroe Park
Transportation Ministry
Food Delivery Ministry
Bible Study Ministry at a local Adult Home (every Saturday morning)
Sunday Service Ministry at a local Adult Home (3rd Sunday)
Teaching Ministry
Movie Ministry
Local/International Missionaries Ministry
In Home Ministry

The list continues as we strive to serve God’s creation with donations from people that Love the Lord.

The Alpha and Omega Bible Church is a No Membership, No Denominational Church. Our Vision
Statement, “We are a place for All of God’s Creation in Transition” – at some point we all are in
transition. Our congregation consists of those persons that are less fortunate than most people in
society – the homeless; searching or looking for a church; just want a place to come where there is
unconditional love; to work for the Lord in helping others; or to hear the unadulterated Word of God preached and taught. We do not discriminate, everyone is invited.

The Mission Statement of The Alpha and Omega Bible Church is to worship God and be a fellowship
of Christian believers, disciple in the Word of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit to pursue salvation,
Christian Growth, and reconciliation to God of all people.

We are a tax exempt nonprofit organization under 501c3.